FAQ - Bamboo Paper for iPad

How do I delete and re-arrange pages?

You will find a large dot just above the page number. Click the dot to get an overview of your pages. Here you can either delete or re-arrange your pages by clicking and dragging.

I would like to add a picture to my notes, is this possible?

Yes, tab the "image" icon in the toolbar to add a picture to your notes. Please note that this feature is only available after upgrading to the full version.

Since I have iOS 5 installed I experience problems writing when I rest my palm on the screen in Bamboo Paper.

Try disabling "Multi Tasking Gestures". Go to General settings and  disable "Multitasking Gestures".

Can I rest my palm on the surface of the iPad when writing with a stylus?

Not at this time, but we are working on improving  "Palm Technology" as well as future touch technologies.

How can I save my notes?

Every stroke is automatically saved. If you close the Bamboo Paper app, all your notes will still be there when you open it again. To back up any notes, simply export individual pages or the whole notebook in PDF or JPG format.

Do you plan to make Bamboo Paper available for Android devices or the iPhone?

Yes, we plan to launch a version for Android-based tablets soon. We are considering an iPhone version too.

Am I able to secure or lock my notebooks?

Yes you can add four digits passcode to your notebook by selecting the lock option on book setting. It’s also possible to put your notebook on “read only” mode, so it can be read but not modified.

Why cant I use the Bamboo tablet pen on the iPad?

The technology used to sense your finger or stylus on an iPad is different from Bamboo tablets.

Am I able to add more notebooks to my library?

Yes, the full version will let you add up to 20 notebooks to your library. In the library mode, tab the "+" icon to add a notebook

I have updated Bamboo Paper to the full version and now the notebook I was currently working in dissapeared? Where is it?

After updating it could happen that your current Notebook has been moved to the position of 2nd notebook in your Notebook Library. Try to scroll to the next Notebook by touching the right arrow situated on the richt side of your Notebook. 

Am I able to archive my notebooks using Dropbox or Evernote?

The full version of Bamboo Paper lets you archive your notebooks to Dropbox and Evernote. Tab the share icon below the book and choose the option "Upload".

 I have a problem or question regarding the app, where do I find support?

Call or e-mail Wacom support. 

Where do I buy a Bamboo Stylus for the iPad?


 Do you plan any additional features for Bamboo Paper?

Yes, we will continue to add new features and provide these through updates. Stay tuned by following us on Facebook, Twitter  where we will announce new features .

Will Bamboo Paper only work when its used together with Bamboo Stylus?

Bamboo Paper is designed for Bamboo Stylus, but it will also work with touch input or any other stylus. Find out more about Bamboo Stylus