Mac OS X Driver v. 5.05-3 for Consumer Tablets Released to Manufacturing

Wacom Technology Corp. (WTC) released Macintosh driver v. 5.05-3 to manufacturing.
This driver is for use with all Macs running Mac OS X v.10.3.9 and later and works in both the native and classic environment of OS X.
This driver supports the Bamboo series pen tablets, the Graphire4, Graphire Bluetooth & Graphire3 pen tablets, and the Cintiq 17SX, DTF-720, DTU-710, DTF-521 & DTF-510 pen displays.

Important: OS X v.10.5 requires driver version 5.05 or later. Uninstall all Wacom drivers before upgrading your operating system to OS X v.10.5, and then install this driver after the OS upgrade is complete. OS X v.10.4 and later requires driver version 4.90 or later. Uninstall any driver versions older than version 4.90 before installing this driver. Intel-based Macs require driver version 4.96 or later. The driver can be downloaded from WTC’s website at Save the file to your computer and then double-click on it to launch the installer.

Wacom implemented the following changes and improvements for v. 5.05: • This driver includes full support for OS X v.10.5 and later (Leopard). • A log-in issue with OS X v.10.5 (Leopard) on certain systems was fixed in v. 5.05-3. • This driver supports only the consumer tablets listed above. For concurrent use of a professional Wacom tablet, you need to install a separate professional driver, version 6.05 or later. These two drivers can now be added or removed independently of each other. • A number of smaller issues were resolved as well. Release to manufacturing means that the driver was tested and approved by Wacom QA and customers and will be included on the driver CD of future Wacom pen tablets.

Users may submit bug reports at Wacom quality assurance validates these bug reports, but does not provide technical support and usually will not send a reply directly to users who submit a bug on this page. Wacom does appreciate bug submissions and these submissions do help us to improve our drivers in significant ways. If you require technical support, please point your browser to for Technical Support contact information. - Wacom Product Marketing