sign | pro PDF is the first software by Wacom which allows you to capture hand-written signatures electronically with Wacom tablets and securely add them to a PDF document. When a signature is captured with a Wacom pen tablet, sign | pro PDF also records the biometric data of the signature and adds it to a protected and certified PDF document in an encrypted form. This method ensures that the document cannot be altered after it has been signed. The result is an authentic and unalterable statement of intent. Wacom sign | pro PDF features a PDF converter which enables you to convert documents to PDF documents from any application.

1. With all Wacom pen tablets, signing is like writing on paper
Use your Bamboo, Intuos, Cintiq, DTF / DTU interactive pen displays or STU signature tablet to sign your documents, correspondence or forms. sign | pro PDF is compatible with all current Wacom pen tablet models, their rugged, maintenance-free EMR technology providing a natural, intuitive writing feel just like writing on paper. In addition to the static typeface of the signature, sign | pro PDF captures dynamic parameters such as movement, rhythm, pressure, speed and acceleration, as well as a time stamp and date. The result is a signature with biometric characteristics which documents your own personal writing style and is therefore much more than just a scanned signature on paper. You can the visually track and check the typeface on the monitor or directly on the display of a signature tablet as you sign. As you can see, this is just like signing on paper.

2. Create and sign PDF documents universally from any program
sign | pro PDF supports PDF-based workflows. Use it to immediately process existing PDF documents as provided by many standard applications. But what if a program cannot create a PDF? No problem! sign | pro PDF also comes with a virtual PDF printer which you can use to create PDF documents directly from all application programs which offer a standard printer interface. To ensure an easy and efficient workflow, these documents are automatically opened in sign | pro PDF and can be signed right away. A documented signed with sign | pro PDF is fully compatible with Adobe Acrobat.

3. Multilingual, user-friendly program featuring intuitive operation for fast results
The sign | pro PDF program interface supports 13 languages and has been deliberately kept straightforward. A toolbar with clearly defined functions makes for easy operation and allows fast and intuitive navigation within the document. You can conveniently scroll through multipage PDF documents or go directly to specific pages in the document. Details can be magnified by up to 200% using the zoom function. Signature areas can be selected in documents using a selection rectangle or the intelligent keyword-based full text search function. That way, you can sign standard forms or multipage documents fast and efficiently.

4. Protected and encrypted signatures ensure a high level of security
Of course, you want to make sure that only authorised users can add signatures to your documents. Security is therefore of great importance for sign | pro PDF and is ensured by an extensive security concept for adding signatures and processing documents. In addition to protected program access, privileges for signing documents can be provided through user keys and user certificates. The writing parameters are encrypted together with the PDF document after every signature, and the document is immediately locked to prevent any subsequent changes from being made.

5. Predefined signature areas allow easy multiple signing of documents
Say you have a workflow which requires multiple signatures in a document by other authorised persons. In that case, you can create predefined signature areas for additional signatures in your document and, if necessary, add important additional information on the process for authorised persons. This enables you to handle documents within a multistage release process without any need for further consultation. You can retrieve information on the existing signatures in the document at any time and so quickly determine the completeness and validity of the signatures.

6. Save, print or send by e-mail – document processing has never been this easy
sign | pro PDF integrates seamlessly into your existing application environment and helps you to save time and money. You can store your signed PDF in your document archive or, at the request of a customer, print out a hardcopy receipt, such as an order confirmation or a delivery slip. If your customer already uses PDF documents, you can also forward your document directly to your preferred e-mail client. You and your customer will then have an exact copy of the signed document, which can also be processed if need be.

7. Proprietary, TÜV-approved software
The extensive experience of our specialists in hardware and software for hand-written signatures with biometric characteristics has been channelled into the development of Wacom sign | pro PDF – the first proprietary signature software to be developed by Wacom. This software is certified by TÜV Saarland as “Approved software”. The TÜV report states: “The interface operates intuitively and users can see at all times where they are located in the dialogue” – “During the test period, it was not possible to capture data in an unencrypted way between the client and the signature pads under test” and “Manipulation of the signature was easy to detect in the current version of the Adobe Reader X”. In combination with the Wacom STU-300 and STU-500 signature tablets, which Wacom supplies, it even meets the requirements for an approved signature solution.