What is openCanvas Lite?

openCanvas Lite is the graphic software specialized for the cartoon illustration. It has a smooth drawing control and variety of color expressions, and its operation performance is like a hand drawing. Compatibility with the pen tablet is excellent. You can enjoy creating CG easily as if drawing on a paper by hand. openCanvas's exclusive function "event recording," which enable to record the drawing procedure, lets you review the drawing steps and edit the illustration from the middle of process!
* openCanvas Lite is the special version of paint software openCanvas, and it can be operated only with Wacom pen tablet.

Illustration samples created with openCanvas

openCanvas gives you more possibilities to express your artistic creativity

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Software Information

Latest Version Date of Update Supported Operating System
openCanvas Lite 1.0.00 01-12-2011 windows XP windows Vista windows 7

64bit Operational Environment has been tested.

Hardware Requirements

HDD : 10MB or more free space
CPU : x86 Compatible Processor corresponding to SSE2
Memory Capacity : Recommended by your operation system
Display : Video Card XGA(1024x768)/ True Color (24bpp)
Pen Tablet : Wacom Pen Tablet


*Execute the openCanvas Lite installation from the companion disc.

  1. After clicking the installation, "Setup - openCanvas Lite" will start. Select "Next" to proceed.
  2. Agree or disagree the product Terms and Conditions. If you disagree, the installation process will be terminated.
  3. Follow the wizard and complete the installation. We recommend you to choose the default setting.
  4. Once the installation is completed, openCanvas Lite with Wacom will automatically run.
  5. If the installation is successfully finished, "openCanvas Lite" icon will appear on desktop. You can start the program by clicking this icon for next time.