1. FAQ for the Wacom Color Manager
  2. FAQ for Bamboo Fineline 2
  3. FAQ for Bamboo Spark
  4. CLIP STUDIO PAINT lags behind in drawing on OSX10.11 (El Capitan‎)
  5. FAQ for Intuos new products
  6. Bamboo Paper for tablets (Windows 8.1, Android Tablets, Kindle and iOS)
  7. How about the maximum capacity of the SD card that can be used with Companion and Companion 2?
  8. Can I add the memory module into Companion 2?
  9. When in desktop mode can I transfer my files from desktop to my Cintiq Companion to continue my work on the go?
  10. When connected to a PC or Mac, the cursor doesn’t appear on the Cintiq when setting up the Cintiq Companion 2 as an extended display. What do I do?
  11. Can I give presentations to customers using the Cintiq Companion?
  12. What does the Specialized PC Certification mean?
  13. Can I secure the Cintiq Companion with a Kensington Lock Slot?
  14. Why isn’t there a VESA mount on the Cintiq Companion?
  15. Do I need a keyboard for the Cintiq Companion?
  16. Will the Cintiq Companion run all Windows Graphics software?
  17. Why did Wacom choose to use the Windows 8 operating system?
  18. What is the battery warranty for the Cintiq Companion?
  19. Which Cintiq Companion 2 configuration should I buy?
  20. Where can I buy the Cintiq Companion?
  21. Why has Wacom decided to enter the computer business?
  22. Why should I buy a Cintiq Companion as against an Apple iPad or other tablets?
  23. Is the Cintiq Companion good value?
  24. Some customers think that Cintiq Pen Displays are too expensive. What drives the cost of Cintiq products?
  25. How do I reinstall Windows 8 after a system crash?
  26. Can I downgrade to Windows® 7?
  27. Sometimes when I use Cintiq Companion I accidently turn it off. How do I prevent this?
  28. Why does my screen sometimes dim, apparently at random?
  29. How to I activate my copy of Windows 8? Is it a legal version?
  30. How do I maximize the life of my battery?
  31. Why does the sound on my PC stop working when I connect the Cintiq Companion 2?
  32. How do I adjust the monitor settings of the Cintiq Companion 2 (e.g., for color calibration) when connected to a PC or Mac?
  33. Why is my pen calibration incorrect when I change the tablet orientation?
  34. Can the Cintiq Companion be connected to desktop Cintiqs or other monitors?
  35. How do the Cintiq Companion and Cintiq Companion 2 differ?
  36. How does the Cintiq Companion compare especially to a Cintiq 13HD creative pen display?
  37. How is the Cintiq Companion different from desktop Cintiqs?
  38. What do I do if I bump my Cintiq 13HD and the image disappears from my screen and it turns black?
  39. Why can't I access the Display Settings when I'm in Mirror Mode or using the Cintiq 13HD touch as the primary display?
  40. I’m trying to calibrate the Cintiq 13HD touch and the pen calibration targets don’t appear on the screen. How do I calibrate it?
  41. When setting up the Cintiq 13HD touch for left-handed use the screen appears upside down when first starting up my computer. Why does this occur?
  42. I’m left-handed. How do I change my Cintiq 13HD touch so I can use the ExpressKeys on the right side of the display?
  43. When setting up the Cintiq 13HD touch as an extended display the cursor doesn’t appear on the Cintiq. What do I do?
  44. What material is the tablet part of Cintiq 27QHD made of? Does it include latex?
  45. Do the Cintiq 27QHD touch and Cintiq 22HD displays include mercury?
  46. Can I use a VESA articulating arm on Cintiq 27QHD?
  47. What’s the likelihood that the Cintiq Ergo Stand(accessory) will scratch the surface where it’s placed? How can I protect the surface?
  48. What color calibration tools do you recommend? Does Cintiq 27QHD support DDC/CI?
  49. Why does Wacom recommend replacing nibs? How frequently?
  50. What accessories are available for Cintiq 27QHD?