Customer Care Knowledgebase

  1. Intuos Creative Stylus2 and Fineline Compatibility
  2. After connecting STU-430 tablet on Windows 8.1, the tablet will turn off soon.
  3. How to return back to Windows 8 (factory default)?
  4. If I forgot the password of Companion or Windows 8 cannot work properly?
  5. How to update to Windows 8.1 from Windows 8?
  6. How to update BIOS on Cintiq Companion?
  7. Where is Windows 8 product key of Companion?
  8. Why does the Cintiq Companion product not have a Hybrid mode (for connecting to a host computer) like the Cintiq Companion Hybrid?
  9. Do I need a keyboard for the Cintiq Companion?
  10. Will the Cintiq Companion run all Windows Graphics software?
  11. Can I give presentations to customers using the Cintiq Companion?
  12. Can the Cintiq Companion be connected to desktop Cintiqs or other monitors?
  13. How do I use One by Wacom?
  14. Which applications support the stylus of my Bamboo Pad?
  15. How long does the battery last?
  16. Do I need to install a driver to use a Bamboo Pad?
  17. Do pens from Bamboo tablets work with the Bamboo Pad? What about the replaceable nibs?
  18. Will a Bamboo Stylus work on my Bamboo Pad?
  19. Which radio technology is used for the connection of the wireless Bamboo Pad? What are the advantages of this technology?
  20. Will the surface of the Cintiq displays scratch?
  21. How does the color quality of the Cintiq displays compare?
  22. Can I use multiple monitors with my Cintiq tablet?
  23. There is a ripple effect that appears around the pointer when clicking. How can I turn off or get rid of this effect?
  24. How to connect Intuos Creative Stylus to supported apps?
  25. How can I download the bundled application software for Intuos or Intuos Pro?
  26. Inking function is still not available after installing the latest driver.
  27. How can I use gesture features?
  28. I have lost the Start Inking icon on the Review ribbon. How can I enable the Inking on MS Office?
  29. Can I use Bamboo Stylus feel for ASUS® VivoTabTM Smart?
  30. Can I use Bamboo Stylus feel for Dell LatitudeTM 10?
  31. I am looking for the pen for my Graphire4 (CTE-440)
  32. Can I use a tablet on parallel operating system or virtual operating system on Mac?
  33. Does any of Bamboo Stylus feel work with my Tablet PC?
  34. I have recently bought wireless kit for intuos 5 but it is not working well.
  35. I cannot download the Bamboo Dock.
  36. I don't have a DVD drive. Where can I download the bundled software?
  37. How can I activate Bamboo tablet use in Windows Office 2007?
  38. My Intuos5 goes to sleep unexpectedly while working. The battery is charged & connectivity is fine.
  39. My Intuos2 is not working well for Windows 8.
  40. Can I use my tablet for parallel operating system or virtual operating system on Mac OSX?
  41. I want to use Intuos5 on my MacbookPro but it doesn't register there, even after downloading latest drivers from Wacom.
  42. Do the current Wacom drivers work with Mac OS X 10.8?
  43. What software applications support Wacom Tablet features?
  44. I bought a Wacom tablet package in Japan and later found the bundle software is a Japanese version, can I exchange it for an English version?
  45. Will there be a Windows 7 or Vista driver for serial products?
  46. Where can I find the latest tablet driver?
  47. Where can I find tablet driver for OSX 10.9?
  48. Is it possible to delete all the tablet preference files at once?
  49. Where can I find tablet driver for Windows 8?
  50. I purchased a Wacom Bamboo Stylus For iPad two weeks ago and the tip has split on it. Can you please advise how I can obtain warranty.